What is a cooling tower and how can it spread Legionnaires’ disease?

Orange County health and wellness officials are examining cooling down towers near the Disneyland playground after 15 cases of Legionnaires & rsquo; condition were reported by individuals that stay in or visited the Anaheim area in September. Area Health Officer Dr. Eric Trainer bought Disneyland on Nov. 8 to stop making use of 2 of its air conditioning towers.

Cooling down towers are at the facility of the investigation because they are known to be breeding premises for the microorganisms that triggers Legionnaires’ condition, a lung infection triggered by the Legionella microorganisms.

What is a cooling tower?

A cooling down tower is a gadget that takes warm water from a system (like an air-conditioning device), cools it, as well as then reuses that cooled-off water back into the system.

This is just how an air conditioning tower normally functions:

  1. Cozy water from a warmth resource such as industrial cooling is piped right into the top of the air conditioning tower.
  2. The water is splashed down to cool down as well as evaporate.
  3. Large followers raise dissipation as well as assistance cool the water, developing mist.
  4. The fans produce the mist out the top of the cooling tower and also into the atmosphere.


Haze from cooling towers could obtain you sick

According to the Occupational Safety and also Health Management, breathing in water mist that includes Legionella microorganisms is the only method an individual could develop Legionnaires’ & rsquo; illness. The disease is not infectious. It can’t be transferred from one person to another.

In a phase of a technological manual committed to Legionnaires’ illness, OSHA describes that cooling towers and also hot water heater give perfect problems to expand the Legionella bacteria. The temperature of the water could fall within the ideal variety to grow Legionella: 68-122 levels Fahrenheit. As the air conditioning tower relocates air through a recirculated water system, it launches a “significant quantity of water vapor” right into the atmosphere. If it has Legionella bacteria, people could get unwell by inhaling that vapor.

Legionella is likewise existing in lakes, streams, and fish ponds, yet the degrees are so reduced there’s only a mild chance of getting Legionnaires’ illness from those sources.

Cooling down tower maintenance

Cooling down tower supplier SPX Cooling Technologies recommends developing maintenance procedures to use prior to operating their towers and also to adhere to regularly “to stay clear of the risk of sickness or fatality.”

In a health and wellness sharp released by SPX, the business advises cooling down towers be cleaned and also sanitized with biocides at the very least twice a year. OSHA recognizes Bromine is a reliable biocide, and agrees that “routine use of biocides is should guarantee control of Legionella growth.”

Right here is an abbreviated listing of other suggestions from SPX:

  • Systems should be evaluated weekly for microbial growth as well as basic operating problems.
  • Wander eliminators must be examined monthly.
  • Workers cleansing units ought to use protective clothing as well as tools during decontamination.

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