Trump said ‘fake news’ is the enemy, not media: Letters

Re “ Trump pays cost for sloppy smear of media” (Editorial, Nov. 1):

Your editorial remains to misrepresent President Trump’s position on who is the adversary of the people. His statement was that “Phony news is the adversary of the people.”

The press as well as program media constantly exclude the word “phony” regarding his remark. By continuing to take part in this misrepresentation, you are specifically what he is whining about.

When more than 80 percent of media reporting on Head of state Trump is adverse, just upholders would certainly see this as regular. I know lots of people intensely do not like the president, however that doesn’t indicate his message is wrong.Public point of view of the media is in the storage tank due to the fact that they are failing to be the unbiased reporters they assume they are, and also are supporters as well as sometimes, striving to be today’s Woodward or Bernstein.

— George F. Bullman, Costa Mesa

Enchanting words instead of fact-based interpretation

Re “ The magic words just mean new taxes” (Susan Shelley, Oct. 28):

In her certainly biased viewpoint, writer Susan Shelley chooses her magical phrasing “gas tax obligation repeal” as opposed to a sincere declaration of what the abolition would in fact do: eliminate specific roadway repair as well as transportation funding.As is regular of the majority of charlatans, she would certainly rather utilize a simple style to perplex the herd as opposed to a fact-based definition of what the recommendation would do. She appears to be the one who intends to fool the general public.

— Steve Bell, Laguna Niguel

Where prospects base on environment modification

This political election, it is best to know where candidates depend on essential problems. The most recent record from the UN on climate modification is that we have just a couple of years to take restorative as well as leadership action.

Consequently it is very important to elect leaders who recognize climate adjustment is actual, is having an influence today, and government action is called for now.

Identify each prospect’s placement on environment change. If you do not know the solution, have a look at their project web site. If there is absolutely nothing there regarding climate adjustment, it has to not be very important to them. Think about that when you are picking whom to elect for.

— Larry Kramer, San Juan Capistrano

Sometimes we need to quadrate tyrants

Re “ Saudi Arabia is the antithesis of the U.S.”(Letters, Oct. 23):

I concur that Saudi Arabia is the antithesis of the USA, however, we should not neglect that the safety and security as well as flexibility of the Western world, and in some cases the globe, might call for that we get in bed with shady kings as well as tyrants.

In all chance, Russia would have fallen under the control of Adolf Hitler if the United States and also its allies had actually not fortified the tyrant and also butcher Joseph Stalin during World War II with our genuine support.That is just one of several examples, but a huge one we should not forget as we attempt to counter Iran, the world’s biggest purveyor of terror. It is a difficult decision for any type of head of state to make.

— Dennis Walker, Yorba Linda

Do not blame Trump for individual acts of fear

Re “Trump devotee butted in bomb story” (Oct. 27):

When the strike occurred on Republican politician Congress agents at a ballpark in 2017 as well as Steve Scalise was shot, did your headlines check out, “Bernie Sanders supporter fires Republican congressman”?

Did you condemn Maxine Seas or Hillary Clinton for promoting confronting Republican citizens as well as Trump fans? No.

Your paper is committed to liberal Democrat-biased politics. By your inference, you criticize President Trump for the acts of an emotionally unwell individual.

— Ron Williams, Costa Mesa

Donald Trump is his very own worst adversary

So Trump assumes the media is his enemy. Really, he is his very own worst opponent. The media just report his racist inflammatory tweets.

Any opportunity of terminating his Twitter account? That ought to relax things down significantly.

— Sandra Stubban, Stanton

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