That is one stretch where drivers can’t tow stuff

Q. I was traveling on the 91 highway towards Newport Beach last week, and also I saw a pickup carrying a camper trailer in the 91 Express Lanes. Is this lawful, to be lugging a camper trailer in those lanes?

— Elizabeth M. Roberts, Garden Grove

A.Hope that chauffeur was off to have some enjoyable, however that stretch is off-limits for those pulling things.

“An auto (or) vehicle pulling a camper is not admitted the 91 Express Lanes,” Eric Carpenter, a spokesman for the Orange County Transport Authority, the public firm that possesses as well as runs that toll system inside Orange County, told Honk in an e-mail. “Any automobiles evaluating even more than 10,000 extra pounds, camper trailers, or any kind of cars with greater than two axles are not allowed.”


States Woodworker: “Hefty lorries, such as these, trigger even more deterioration, as well as banning them leads to a longer lifespan of the lane surface area. The 91 Express Lanes were resurfaced for the very first time in 2016, utilizing funds gathered from individuals who utilize the interstate.”

The Orange County stretch of the Express Lanes opened in 1995.

The Express Lanes hire the California Freeway Patrol to provide added patrols on those lanes — which run the typical of the 91 highway, from the 55 freeway to the I-15– to keep a hunt for automobiles that are not intended to be on them.

Now, Elizabeth, trailers can be hauled on the other tollways in Orange County, such as the 241 as well as the 73. They are operated by two various other public agencies and also are much more much like real freeways.

On those, the license-plate of the trailer need to be used to foot the bill, as well as The golden state freeway legislations use — so any type of automobile towing anything has a rate limit of 55 mph and has to stay free from the supposed fast tracks.

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