Keeping Up With Orange County News

So much is happening in Orange County, California. It’s difficult to keep up with it all. That’s why it’s nice to have the perception of blog writers that care about their communities and where they live. The blog writer for OCGadfly is one such blogger. OCGadfly is an Orange County news blog that provides unique perspectives on Orange County news and events.

The writer of the blog actually lives in Orange County and has been a resident there for a long time. He brings a unique perspective on the news and recent events thanks to being a long time Orange County denizen. However, it’s not just Orange County news that is covered. The blog features perspectives on national and world news as well, since topics that impact Orange County directly often have connections to a bigger picture.

It’s a great opportunity to gain some perspective on how an Orange County resident thinks and feels about issues that impact us all today. Definitely worth checking out.