Street racers accused of going 160 mph on OC toll roads charged with felonies

3 YouTube personalities and 2 various other males deal with felony charges on suspicion of setting up and also participating in road races in 2015 that gotten to speeds of up to 160 miles per hour on some of Orange County’s interstate.

District attorneys filed several matters of conspiracy to take part in rate competition Friday, Jan. 22, versus Rushdan Mohammad Abdallah, 26 of Lake Woodland, Sean Lozai Stuart, 36, of Irvine, Saeid Assim Lachin, 27, of Fullerton, along with La Verne residents Aaron Hamed Waseeq, 25, and Daniel Joaquin Rodriguez, 21, Orange Area District Lawyer’s authorities and Irvine Police stated in a press release. They were additionally accused of offense counts of negligent driving as well as speeding infractions.

The fees followed a six-month examination into road auto racing on the 241 as well as the 261 interstate starting last January, officials said.

An attorney standing for Abdallah did not immediately respond to a request for remark. It was not promptly clear from court documents if the any person had actually been designated to defend the other four accused of conspiring with him.

Authorities declare the defendants prepared and participated in many road races in between Jan. 31, 2020 and also Might 30, 2020 that were shot and after that released to YouTube networks coming from Abdallah, Waseeq and Roriguez. Abdallah’s account flaunts hundreds of thousands of followers tuning in to posts that gather millions of sights, Orange County district attorneys officials said. Some of those function the offender testing his subscribers to race him.

“Orange Area roads are not raceways developed to accommodate prohibited road races of rates getting to 160 mph,” Orange County Area Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement. “Road auto racing is irresponsible, it’s hazardous, as well as it shows a full disregard for the lives of everyone involved.”

Abdallah previously had been arrested on uncertainty of escaping police throughout a pursuit and withstanding apprehension in November, district attorneys stated. He had actually been free on bail at the time the unlawful street races on the interstate were planned as well as filmed.

He deals with more than 8 years behind bars if convicted as charged. The other 4 defendants might encounter greater than 3 years in state jail if they are discovered guilty on all matters imposed versus them.

Irvine authorities jailed the defendants Tuesday, Jan. 26, and also took their lorries following a 6-month investigation. All 5 were free on bond since Thursday night.

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