Relationships have deepened in this crazy, coronavirus world

The globe around us is going insane — — coronavirus-crazy and rioting-crazy. We are aggravated to the umpteenth degree with every one of this turmoil. Numerous are distressed to see this occurring to our remarkable world.

If I can discover something wondrous in this disorderly as well as pandemic globe, it is the modification within me — — which is good because I can do little to transform the outside world.

I’m fortunate to live here in Laguna Woods Village and to have remarkable pals and also next-door neighbors. Nevertheless, pre-coronavirus that had all taken a shadow of significance to all the activities as well as fun I would certainly been having given that I retired below.

“Weeee … I’m enjoying.” (Believe the little Geico piggy holding the pinwheel with its go out the automobile home window.)

“Weeee … … Weeee … activities galore!” ( Believe me.)

Fun indeed, however countless diversions from really recognizing my friends as well as neighbors. With the arrival of COVID-19, my social life ended up being socially distanced visits with buddies and next-door neighbors and making brand-new good friends in line in front of Stater Bros. and CVS — — as opposed to dancings, plays, shows, and such.

Long-held relationships are now growing deeper and extra satisfying. Linda as well as I satisfied regarding five years ago while strolling our pet dogs, Lucy as well as Danny. We get period tickets to the Sparkling wine Pops yearly as well as to the Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano. We have actually had a good time pursuing our common passions. Today we spend more time chatting about the real points of life — — our households and histories, ideas and also worths.

My new next-door neighbors, Kim and Michael, seemed very enjoyable. We chatted in handing down the sidewalk or in the carport — — they became fun in addition to nice. However it was when we began our socially distanced talks on their patio area that we truly learnt more about each various other.

It resembles peeling off away the layers of an onion to obtain to the core deep within — — or like the movie “Fried Environment-friendly Tomatoes.” (Love my veggies, don’t! Well, I have actually been a vegetarian for nearly 50 years, so there you go!) So in this remarkable motion picture starring Jessica Tandy as well as Kathy Bates, a dissatisfied homemaker befriends an old woman in an assisted living home and also creates a solid as well as significant relationship by paying attention to the stories she informs.

So … … “Weeee, I’m still enjoying. It’s just a various type of enjoyable of a more unique and meaningful nature. As well as in our alone time, my loved one (aka my pet dog Lucy) as well as I rest outside our home with a pinwheel blowing bubbles. Can life get far better than this?

Diane Duray is a Laguna Woods Town homeowner. Get in touch with her at

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