Photos: Here’s what you can see from the Snoopy MetLife blimp above O.C.

Snoopy impended over Knott’s Berry Farm on Sunday.

No, not a flying beagle on top of a red canine house. It was Snoopy 2, the MetLife blimp.

The dirigible floated over Knott’s Berry Farm’s Camp Snoopy for a couple of hrs, advertising the opening of the brand-new Peanuts motion picture.

“It resembles being in a boat in the sky,” is just how aviator Cesar Mendez described flying the light-than-air ship. “We keep it slow and reduced – 30 miles per hour and 1,000 feet over the ground,” he stated.

The blimp will be floating over Westwood on Sunday for the premier of The Peanuts Motion picture. It will certainly more than Southern California for the remainder of the week.


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Here are some MetLife Blimp highlights:

  • MetLife has two full-time blimps in the United States Snoopy One, and also “Snoopy 2.”
  • . Snoopy One has a blue tail fins and also control car and also Snoopy Two’s are red.

    . The blimp has no structure inside, merely helium as well as an air bladder.

    . Together, Snoopy One and Snoopy Two combine to take a trip roughly 120,000 miles per year

    . Just 4 individuals can fly in the blimp at one time

    . Snoopy 2 spends the winter season west of the Rockies. Snoopy One remains in Florida.

    . Snoopy Two has been to 88 locations this year including its most significant work– adhering to the PGA trip.


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