Manafort juror says 1 holdout prevented 18-count conviction


The Associated Press

WASHINGTON– A juror in Paul Manafort’s financial fraudulence test claims an only holdout stopped the court from convicting the one-time Trump project chairman on all 18 matters.

Jurors repeatedly tried to persuade the holdout to “take a look at the proof” yet she firmly insisted there was reasonable question, juror Paula Duncan told Fox Information.

“We didn’t desire it to be hung, so we pursued a prolonged period of time to persuade her,” Duncan said, including that the 4 days of deliberations were so heated that there were “tears” amongst the 12 jurors. “But ultimately, she held out which’s why we have 10 matters they did not get a verdict.”

The government jury on Tuesday found Manafort guilty on eight counts; the court declared a mistrial on 10 counts the jury was deadlocked on.

Duncan, a self-described Trump fan who was photographed for the Fox record in a red “Make The U.S.A. Great Again” hat, stated she and 10 other jurors were prepared to find Manafort guilty of each count in the charge. Duncan claimed she took into consideration the charges brought by unique advice Robert Mueller’s team to be reputable and also taken into consideration the proof “overwhelming.”

“I did not want Paul Manafort to be guilty, yet he was,” Duncan said. “And no one is above the legislation.”

She stated neither favorable neither unfavorable beliefs concerning Trump affected the decision.

“I think most of us went in there like we were expected to as well as thought that Mr. Manafort was innocent. We did due diligence,” Duncan claimed. “We used the proof, our notes, the witnesses, and we generated the guilty judgments on the 8 counts.”

She said the head of state’s administration did come up during deliberations as a result of testament that Manafort had attempted to safeguard a White Home placement for a lender that licensed millions of dollars in loans for him and had lobbied Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

“The costs were legitimate but the prosecution aimed to make the case concerning the Russian collusion right from the beginning and also, obviously, the judge shut them down on that,” Duncan claimed. “We did throw away a little time with that said roguishness.”

Duncan additionally stated she would have suched as to have listened to more from Manafort’s defense. Manafort did not indicate at test and his lawyers performed mostly limited examining of the government’s witnesses.

Duncan’s comments in the interview Wednesday came the same day that the trial judge unsealed several transcripts of closed bench conferences. One transcript showed that the protection had independently sought a mistrial due to comments a juror was priced estimate as making about the weak point of Manafort’s defense.

The disclosure by one juror of another juror’s remarks on the ninth day of Manafort’s trial motivated U.S. Area Court T.S. Ellis III to examine jurors concerning whether the remark would certainly influence their ability making a fair as well as impartial verdict. Juror names are passed out in the transcripts.

Ellis rejected Manafort’s movement, saying that after thinking about the circumstances very carefully and questioning each juror about their capability to be objective, a mistrial wasn’t called for.

Defense attorney did not push the issue in public, as well as after the court’s judgment, Manafort lawyer Kevin Downing took treatment to commend Ellis for a reasonable test and also the court “for their long as well as hard-fought considerations.”

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