Look up: Goodyear Blimp’s farewell ride to Orange County is happening now

Keep your eyes to the sky.

That blimp you see over Orange County is the Goodyear Blimp Spirit of America, which is making its final trip today.

The blimp, based in Carson, will fly down the shore to Laguna Beach, after that transform towards Tustin where it will make its last landing at the aged World Battle II blimp garage. The aircraft is approximated to land between 3 p.m. and also 4 p.m., though that relies on the weather.

As soon as within, the blimp will certainly be decommissioned, deflated and dissembled over the next 5 days.

The Spirit of America will be replaced by its twin-sister ship, Spirit of Development, from Florida, until a newer design, being constructed in Akron, Ohio, prepares in concerning 2 years.

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