License-plate holders can’t be so fancy as to block the number

Q. Honk: I bring up behind some cars as well as their license plates are covered with plastic frames where you can barely review the plates’ numbers. How is that legal?

— Jim Rahm, Chatsworth

A. It isn’t if any kind of letter or number is blocked.

“Oh, yeah, that is unlawful,” claimed Officer Casey Ramstead of the California Freeway Patrol’s West Valley Area fire station, which patrols your penalty community. “We need to have a clear and also unhampered sight. … … I’ve seen some pretty outrageous ones.”

The worst?

A hand-crafted license-plate framework with a putter or golf club going right up into a letter.

Be advised, Police officer Ramstead has drawn over violators. Fix-it tickets are the common penalty.

Not a huge offer, sure. Yet if out on a hot date with Mrs. Honk, does the handsome old male with the balding crown want the mood destroyed by seeing red and blue lights in his rearview mirror due to the fact that his “READ HONK” structure obscures his license-plate number?


And, incidentally, the offense can be kicked approximately a full-blown ticket, particularly for repeat wrongdoers.

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make getting a Real ID a little bit harder Statistics reveal there are a lot of carpool-lane cheaters Q. Hey There Mr. Radcliffe: I review your column whenever it shows up. A recent one had to do with exactly how many legislations do we, your readers, know. There is one law that must be referenced this time around of year, as well as extremely few vehicle drivers seem to know it: Ever time it is raining, I see fairly a couple of motorists who do not switch on their fronts lights. I have actually also experienced authorities automobiles driving in a severe downpour without LIGHTS ON! Maybe you might offer individuals a little tip.

— Robert W. Steele Sr., West Covina

A. Unsure who that Radcliffe fellow is, but Honk right here will certainly advise his readers of the legislation you are speaking about.

When the wipers are flipped on because of the climate, drivers should have their fronts lights on too, also in daylight, so every person can better see the vehicles on the street.

The legislation is concerning a dozen years of ages.

Honkin’ reality: The Division of Motor Cars will certainly swing open the doors of its Santa Ana workplace from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14, with clerks processing only Genuine IDs.

Some DMV workplaces are open on Saturdays, this one commonly is not.

Those who go should complete the application ahead of time. Save on your own an enormous migraine headache by ensuring you have actually the needed documents in a folder prior to heading in. The Santa Ana DMV, at 1330 E. First St., will certainly not take appointments this day.

“There’s no advantage to going to Santa Ana over an additional office that is typically open on Saturdays– you can still apply for your Genuine ID in either case,” DMV spokesman Marty Greenstein informed Honk in an e-mail. “The DMV desires to offer people as numerous convenient choices as feasible to request a Real ID.

“It’s difficult to approximate the length of time the waits will certainly be,” Greenstein stated. “Typically, waits have been fastest after 2 (p.m.) on Saturdays as well as no reason to assume that won’t hold true below, however again this is brand-new area.”

Actual IDs, starting Oct. 1, will certainly please the government demand for identification to board domestic flights. Information:

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