For clown barber of Huntington Beach, the inked nose, grin and enthusiasm are all real

Richie the Barber is a neighborhood celeb hiding in plain sight– though he’s not precisely unnoticeable, with his unclear red hair as well as permanently exaggerated smile.

Richie has actually done on “America’s Got Ability,” concurrently juggling as well as rapping around juggling to the sharp grimace of Simon Cowell. Two times, he has appeared on TMZ, confetti-bombing the Kardashian siblings and also Jennifer Lopez.

So popular is the Barber– albeit in his very own circles– that “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” singled him out for acknowledgment.

“I’m the only real-life clown on the planet,” boasted Richie, 35, whose surname is not in fact “the Barber” however Esposito.

Becoming a “real-life clown” was a process. Over the training course of a few months in 2013, tattoo by tattoo, Esposito transformed his face right into that of a clown’s.

No requirement for make-up. The tats make his nose for life red, his cheeks perpetually blue, and also his mouth immutably grinning from ear to ear.

“I will never ever regret it,” he ensured. “I am essentially a clown. I handle. I do magic methods. I ride a unicycle. It’s my way of living.

“I believe you got ta go done in on your enthusiasm.”

Esposito comes from Huntington Beach. After a years of reducing hair in Los Angeles, he went back to his hometown last fall to work at Orange Region Barbers Parlor on Main Street.

Worn loud outfit– plaid trousers, polka-dot tee shirt, over-sized footwear, under-sized fedora– Esposito can be located clipping and humming as well as tapering as well as fading.

Occasionally, his consumers concur to sporting activity a red nose more spheric that his very own. Often, he treats them to his circus regimen. In some cases, he sprays newly coiffed scalps with colorful bits of paper.

Always, he jokes around and hams it up– proclaiming his clown horn and also badgering his eyes.

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    renowned in clowning and also barbering areas– two professions that rarely intersect.” I have actually adhered to Richie for many years,” stated Jasmine Sanchez, his sweetheart as well as colleague at OC Barbers.

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