Cultivate flexibility; then you can better weather the unpredictable

Weather condition is a fascinating phenomenon. We stay in it. We complain concerning it. We can not control it. We want a lot from it, at the exact same time wanting rain and also wanting the sunshine.

The temperatures fluctuate despite our plans, as well as still we continue. Picnics in the park come to be outings in the living space. Golf days become 19th opening camaraderie. We find ways of readjusting our lives to the climate we can not manage. We can all be adaptable when we want to be. Adaptability is an aware option.

Our partnerships are also interesting sensations and also sometimes equally as unforeseeable as the climate. Some of our interactions are intimately individual, and some do not appear like call at all, however regardless of how independent we really feel, we are inevitably braided and equally reliant companions in the dance of life.

Versatility is a quality that enables us to move with modifications in the weather and also adjustments in our world. All of us have methods of adapting to the circumstances in which we discover ourselves. What actor/dancer Fred Astaire stated regarding ballroom dancing can additionally be used to our communications with friends as well as family, even strangers in the supermarket: “Cultivate flexibility. Have the ability to adjust your design to that of your partner. In doing so, you are not surrendering your originality, yet blending it with that said of your partner.”

We do not all need to such as the same points, have the exact same ideas, the same experiences, neither the very same values in order to mix with the people around us into an unified whole. Equally as we can’t regulate the sunlight and also the rainfall, we can’t manage the individuals in our lives, however we supervise of the way we connect to them.

We can connect in whatever way is offered to us and also enhance our link. Social network, the telephone, responding per various other in the supermarket all are means of recognizing our bond, our typical situation. We can let go of fretting about the things we truly can not manage as well as concentrate on the here and now minute. When we do, we may find ourselves easily moving into kindness and also versatility.

In these tough times, it is excellent to see each other as companions dancing in the rainfall, waiting on the sunlight to beam.

The Rev. Linda McNamar is a Laguna Woods Town citizen.

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