Commercial real estate mailbag: Does Amazon own or buy warehouses?

Periodically it is healthy and balanced to purge the inbox — — in a way of talking — and also show to you some happenings in the globe of commercial actual estate.

As Jim Barksdale intelligently stated, “‘If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are point of views, allow’s select mine.”

Well, below you go, a bit of both — — information as well as opinions.


Please be notified when entering your favored supermarket nowadays. Application collectors are out in force with all way of messaging concerning Proposition 13. Few I’ve run into get it right.

One initiative has qualified – – garnering the necessary trademarks – – and will certainly be on the tally following November: The California Schools as well as Local Neighborhood Financing Act. Also called the split-roll campaign, if passed, it will assess commercial and also industrial property in a different way than domestic and also agriculturally zoned building. The pen wielders desire your John Henry for a re-write of the currently qualified campaign plus an additional that would certainly permit house owners over 55 to transfer their real estate tax basis to a new acquisition.


Ever before head out to the Inland Realm, perhaps to select apples at Oak Glen or capture a trip from an airport terminal that allows Uber to drop you off at – – not near – the terminal? As you’re looking at the San Bernardino mountains, you see the popular Amazon logo. What is that anyway? Yet, I swerve.

Do you ever ask yourself whether owns or rents those large concrete stockrooms? Generally, they are leased. Why, you may ask – – with more green than an OAC proposal – – would waste cash on rent? Three factors: Their space demands are fluid, devaluation on balance sheets dampens earnings, and a variety of homeowner demand to organize their tenancy as well as develop as necessary.

Freeway to the threat zone

Lots of vendors of commercial actual estate use the Internal Revenue Service tax code chapter 1031 to delay capital gains on the sale of a valued parcel of commercial genuine estate.

Specific policies apply: you must recognize the residential or commercial property(s) you plan to purchase on or before 45 days from the sale; like-kind has to be purchased; you’re required to invest as long as the sale’s rate – – consisting of financial obligation; all need to be done on or before 180 days – –

almost. This moment of year is what I call the “danger area.” A commonly neglected arrangement is you should buy the replacement property(s) within 180 days. True — — unless the adhering to April 15th comes faster. So, if you close after Oct. 15 as well as prior to Dec. 31, you just obtain the advantage of 180 days if you file an extension of your next year’s tax return. Complicated? Yes. Please look for advise from your tax professional.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

What is one of the most demanded industrial realty possession course nowadays? The woes of retail thread the airwaves. Workplace is costly to re-tenant. Certain, appetite for commercial – – manufacturing and logistics area – – is ravenous. But, get this, need is highest for religious facilities – – churches.

What happens in Vegas…

… An additional seminar period is squarely in the books finishing with our business summit in Las Vegas last month. SIOR, CCIM, Core-net, as well as NAIOP all host soirĂ©es this time around of the period. You’ll know when you see a number of old white people in matches “networking” at the popular sprinkling openings.

So, what’s up, you ask? The “Amazon” element disrupting retail and supply chain logistics, typically durable commercial task nationwide, the slog of bringing brand-new inventory to market … … and also whispers of a recession.

Allen C. Buchanan, SIOR, is a principal with Lee & & Associates Commercial Real Estate Solutions in Orange. He can be reached at!.?.! or 714.564.7104.

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