Charter schools act more like private schools: Letters

Re “Allow parents select their kids’s institution “(Letters, Sept. 12):

Informing detail from charter college supporter Chuck Trout’s letter to the editor. He states charters are great “compared to public institutions.”

Aren’t charter schools supposed to be public colleges? Therein exists the trouble with many (not all) charter institutions: They want the advantage of public funding, but basically operate as private institutions.

— Jeff Marbut, Water Fountain Valley

Allow’s speak about ‘Obligation for All’

Re “ Bernie’s latest bailout proposition”(Editorial, Sept. 9):

Prior to we have a national discussion concerning “Medicare For All,” we require to go over “Obligation for All.”

As an example, if your medical professional informs you to quit cigarette smoking, stop alcohol consumption, reduce weight, consume nutritious foods, stop certain tasks, and more, however you ignore your doctor’s sage recommendations and after that have medical problems since you remain to make undesirable options, why should fellow Americans foot the bill?

— Robin Itzler, Cypress

Take note of what Trump does, not says

To recognize Trump, first stop comparing him using old politician requirements. Political leaders make all kinds of assurances before entering into workplace, none of which they intend to keep.

Politicians do not resolve troubles, they just take care of troubles, the majority of which they have created themselves. Any kind of solutions they do create normally create two even more problems to take their location. Politicians do not think about the legislation of unexpected consequences, just if it “really feels good.”

President Trump is a businessman, resolving issues, not managing them. He does not sanitize his remarks or sofa in political speak terms. He has actually succeeded in many of the programs required in his political election project in spite of the phony media as well as deep state politicians.

He has lowered taxes, decreased policies, new profession agreements, minimized unemployment, expanding stock exchange as well as etc. Making some development on border safety and security as well as healthcare.

Unfortunately, the Democrat House prefer to deal with impeachment than take this chance to clean up the corruption in Washington.

I do have something in common with “Trump haters” in the left-wing media– I have not met Head of state Trump neither do I know him directly. I am a lot more interested in what he does than what he claims.

— Grover Havens, Orange

Effects of population developments on framework

Re “Broadway worries turn right into shouts” (Information, Aug. 29):

I have actually lived along the mid-east end of Broadway for my entire 76 years. I have walked, roller skated, biked and also driven the length of it for those several years. The real modification I have seen is the enormous population and also resulting car growth that are frustrating our infrastructure as well as sources generally.

I was born when the globe population was 3 billion as well as Long Coastline regarding 165,000. Now the world population is 7.5-plus billion as well as Long Beach’s population about 470,000.

Broadway was there then and also exists currently, so you can parse the web traffic lanes any method you want yet the core issue is just that there is simply way too much demand. Forget the “Road Diet regimen,” what we need is a “Populace Diet regimen.”

— Bob Hoffman, Long Beach

All children experience

Re “ UNITED STATE watchdog: Separated migrant children experienced injury” (News, Sept. 5):

I have a heart for children that are enduring. This article just attends to illegal alien youngsters’s injury.

This injury can be discovered with hundreds of American kids whose parents damage the regulation as well as are transported off to jail to leave their youngsters in the hands of the system.

This is a painful reality for kids’s moms and dads that determine to break the regulation. I would certainly put the obligation on these moms and dads, not American policies. I would never ever do this to my youngsters.— Shawn Ferguson, Westminster

Congratulations to Woman Precursor

Re “ Lady Precursor dramatist assists take homeless guy’s life to the phase” (News, Sept. 2):

You, go woman!

— Michelle Chilvers Murphy, Orange

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