Army veteran amputee loses prosthetic leg while surfing in Huntington Beach

Amputee Jake Hammit didn't let losing a leg keep him from catching waves as he catches a ride alongside Danny Nicols with Operation Surf. (Photo courtesy of John L. Lyman) Amputee Jake Hammit didn’t let shedding a leg maintain him from catching waves as he catches a ride alongside Danny Nicols with Procedure Browse. (Image courtesy of John L. Lyman )Military veteran Jake Hammit had to decide: keep his surfboard or let go of his prosthetic leg. The surfboard might do even more damages, plowing into a team of individuals pitching in shallow waters on the within near the sand. The prosthetic leg, however, is changeable. “He simply got hold of the board and also dropped the leg, “said Huntington Coastline lifeguard

Lt. Claude Panis. He stated Hammit was capturing waves with Operation Browse last Saturday on the north side of the pier, the

team prepping for a journey to the United Kingdom. It was Hammit’s very first time using an unique prosthetic made to ride waves, as well as he really did not have it attached before the wave came. People from his group browsed around the ocean looking for the leg before getting in touch with lifeguards. Panis placed on his fins and also safety glasses and also

invested two hours freediving, looking for the leg on the north side of the pier. “I did a search because area, backwards and forwards from the pier, half mile north and also back a pair times,”he said.

“It’s sort of like discovering a needle in a hay pile.”Panis stated Hammit is ex-green beret, and also shed his leg while offering in Afghanistan. Panis claimed he wasn’t also upset regarding

losing his new prosthetic, which was just made use of for searching.”I’m educated to adapt. You can’t allow obsticals obstruct. If it shows up, wonderful.

If not, I’m still mosting likely to discover a means to obtain available and surf, “he told Panis.” The individual had an actual great attitude.” Any individual with info, call lifeguards at 714-536-5285


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