5 ways old guys rule — with help from technology

We have actually all seen the T-Shirts – – “Old Men Regulation” an adorable method of advising our culture that if you were birthed before MTV, you are not irrelevant! Quite the contrary, you may in fact still have a voice!

I’m typically discussed as one that has actually recorded social media as an indispensable part of marketing my business realty brand name. Others country wide consist of Howard Kline, Coy Davidson, Battle Each Other Long, Linda Day Harrison and also Barbi Reuter. Locally, folks such as Randy Mason, Andrew Bermudez, Justin Smith and Sean Ward light it up. Many of us are of the age — — we bear in mind flat-front pants, the first time they were popular!

I such as to describe this chapter of my life (I’m 62, BTW) as the “sir phase.” This comes before the “he’s old, that cares” stage!

If you doubt that the “sir phase” exists, take this test. If you share my chronology, see the number of people refer to you as “sir” the next time you shop (Amazon doesn’t matter), eat out or most likely to the car-wash. If you have a fade hairstyle (under 35), exactly how do you react to a clients or customer that is over 50? I’ll bet that you call him “sir,” also if you do not come from Georgia where “sir” is mandatory, no matter of age.

So, simply how is it that OLD INDIVIDUALS RULE with Modern Technology? Easy!

We lived as well as functioned BEFORE innovation was affordable. I’ve said this lots of times, in this space, however modern technology makes points sooo a lot less complicated than the old methods of doing points.

The preparation of a survey of available residential or commercial properties for an owner tour used to take a week, currently it takes 30 seconds, as well as the study is in the client’s inbox in one minute. Before, the only way to see a structure was to visit it in individual. Currently, with the click of an application, an online excursion is developed. And also, require a signature? Quickly you have it with DocuSign.

We understand EVEN MORE PEOPLE than you do. The large number of folks we know produces an obstacle that is resolved by the usage of modern technology. Just how do you remain in get in touch with? Easy. Try Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube. Reunions nowadays are populated by the people online as well as off. The online individuals spend little time capturing up as social media sites permits an image roll of our lives. We can get to today without summarizing the past.

We understand what FRIGHTENS people regarding modern technology.

Everybody OLD PEOPLE who have actually ventured onto the dark side of innovation understand some hesitate of the brand-new reality. An example of this taken place to me a few days ago as I paid attention to some grey hairs kibitzing regarding Twitter. “Yeah, I don’t use it and I don’t think my customers utilize it either.”

You can envision the increased brows when I stated the variety of interactions Twitter had actually developed for me. Because we understand the ANXIETY, we can understand with credibility.

We are not afraid to call someone.

OLD INDIVIDUALS know that you got ta obtain a meeting (actual or online) if you wan na make an offer, as well as we are not worried to take an ONLINE partnership OFFLINE. Not so lengthy earlier, our organisation needed a telephone call, a FAX or mail to make get in touch with. We found out exactly how to do this. Before the days of swipe left, you in fact had to call an actual individual.

We are worried regarding HERITAGE.

Blogs, videos and shared images ALL are excellent means to deposit our understanding for the future. I can actually see my grandkids viewing a Tuesday Traffic Pointer (my video clip collection) or checking out an archive of the OC Register sooner or later and replying, my Grandpa was the GUY!

Yes! And it’s SIR to you, sonny boy.

Allen C. Buchanan, SIOR, is a principal with Lee & & Associates Commercial Property Services in Orange. He can be reached at abuchanan@lee-associates.com!.?.! or 714.564.7104.

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